Jude Morales,

Pochoir print-maker; clock builder. All original art.

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"What I am always putting forward in my work is an affinity for vibrant colors, simplified form through complex processing and a passion for beautifying spatial experience."-jude morales 2012 - Jude's distinct style of work draws much from mid-20th-century design and painting with a contemporary and modern aesthetic. He combines universal symbolism with a strong mastery of composition to create works that bring his imagination to life. Jude describes his work as 'open narrative', meaning they start a story which the viewer can elaborate. His processes include drawing, painting, handmade stencils and surfaces, handmade block printing, sculpting, building, collage and screen printing. His most recent pieces are created with ecologically sustainable surfaces including bamboo and recycled papers.

Artist Images

flower (blue/red)


zen elly clock


hippo mandala clock




sugar skull with owls


fox and dream sky


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