Joy Cha,

Painter. Graphic Designer. Jewelry Maker.

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I spent most of my career as a graphic designer, creating ads and packaging arts for Hollywood studios and packaged food industry. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I've somehow separated my artist self from the rest of my life. In realizing that what I create do not need to be compartmentalized – they are all expressions of who I am as a person - I started painting more and delving into other curiosities such as jewelry making/metalsmithing. I've been noticing that my work tends to impart meaning or tell stories, whether it is a piece of pendant that bears a message or a painting that evokes an imaginative interpretation. I intend to go further and deeper towards that direction as I create a volume of work that speaks to people.

Artist Images

True Places


A Star in Your Chest


Ophelia - Shakespeare's Ladies No 1


Cordelia - Shakespeare's Ladies No 2


Silver Bar Initial Necklace


Skinny Bar Necklace


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