Josh Daily,
Mixed Media Artist

Josh Daily is a Portland-based recycled/repurposed metal sculpture artist.

Instagram @joshdailyart

Josh Daily is a Portland, Oregon based metal and found material sculpture artist. He has been making found art/industrial sculptures for over 20 years. His subjects are usually people or animals, along with re-purposed eccentric, but functional furniture. He uses a variety of materials from all kinds of metal, to construction waste, to everyday household items. Often it entails getting to the guts of things like old vacuum cleaners, typewriters, or any type of mechanical device. Taking things apart usually takes longer than building the sculpture itself. He likes to use old conduit, plastic material, or anything that will take decades to biodegrade if at all. When looking for art supplies, Josh says, "in everyday life it is a constant secondary thought process. For example as I'm walking down the street or sitting with a group of people I'm constantly studying my surroundings. I see everyday objects and think that would make a great eye, knee, or if I cut that piece of metal I could make it look feathers. That whatchamacallit would make a great base for a coffee table. I am at the mercy of my material."

Artist Images

Flag Guitar Guy


Adding Machine Bird




Banjo Player


Parrot 1


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