Jordan J Clark,

Painter from Madison, WI. New to Portland, beginning grad school at PSU!

Instagram @jordnclrk…

These works set out to explore space, light and natural phenomena. Landscapes and weather are a constant source of inspiration. Observing acute changes and unique occurrences in the atmosphere help to steer the direction or mood of these paintings. There is a distinct conversation between flatness and space and the acceptance/rejection of the renaissance window. This allows the consideration for collage, fragmentation/fracture of space, and to play with the tension caused by combining painting with sculpture. The colors used are saturated, playful and methodically placed with other complements of saturated color to create simultaneous contrast, which helps to give the viewer an illusion of an actual experience. The titles are clues to support the viewing - for the viewer to contemplate the language, symbolism, binary systems or metaphors that are wrapped into narratives, that are derived from real life experiences.

Artist Images

worms vs birds


triangulum or fish racket


cognitive dissonance


blu sognare or chased by bears


or something other than


or nothing at all


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