I make a series of meditations and documents by observing the horizons.

My work can be very dull for those looking for elaborate intellectual statements, as i generally make straightforward observations of reality. I also happen to create my 'practice'  at times, in the public sphere, which erases the 'line' between practitioner and observer. A lot of my work is 'unofficial', in that I intentional create and leave my sculptural installation work in the public sphere. I have been doing this for over 40 years, it has recently come to my intention. I am trained as a draftsman and a painter and have an extensive knowledge of art history and design, working in clay, painting, designing coffeeshops, multiples, images for musicians ( wilco, soul asylum, prince ). I am basically happy making work, and recently i have begun to work in workshop format with people as of summer 2012 in Berlin. My partner Nick Stevens and I are founding members of Rainbearcollective, a peace and justice, human rights oriented  endeavor.

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