Jennifer Woffinden,

I make fun, bright, colorful duct tape wallets and flasks!

I am a duct tape diva! I fold and finagle over 15 feet of the sticky stuff to create the best engineered and designed duct tape wallet you will ever see. I have re-worked and re-mastered many different prototypes to arrive at what I consider to be the best possible duct tape wallet. They are sleek, stylish, colorful and will definitely get noticed. Get a piece of jDUCT art for your pocket. We have also spent some time upping the “hip” factor of the otherwise boring stainless steel hip flask. We add color and humor to create a piece from which you will proudly swig your hooch. If you don’t get one, your other pocket will feel left out :(

Artist Images

Duct Tape Wallets and Flasks


Moustache Duct Tape Wallet


Buck the Hipster Flask


Unicorn Magic Duct Tape Wallet


Oregon Flask


PBR Duct Tape Wallet


Artist Video

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