Jennifer Hoffman,
Fashion Artist

CreationStation Studio - Sustainably Harvest Rainforest Rubber

It all began in the year 2000, when I decided to take a trip to the Amazon Rainforest. It was there that I happened to meet a rubber tapper. I had no idea what kind of journey I was about to embark. He took me to his “rubber factory” in the rainforest and showed me how natural sheets of rubber where made. When I saw this milky white substance that had come out of trees turn into beautiful earthy brown sheets, I knew I had to make something out of it. We exchanged information, I bought several sheets, and went deeper into the Amazon. When I returned, I picked up my sheets and brought them back to the United States. I showed the sheets to a friend and she suggested I sew with it. Sew?? I was game. I bought a heavy duty sewing machine and starting sewing. Or should I say ripping many seams, doing things over, trial and error, perseverance. I decided to take a few lessons in sewing. A very smart idea. With a few tips in my pocket, I gained some confidence and things started looking better. I began experimenting with different fabrics, colors, patterns to add to the rubber. Through talking with friends and asking them what they would want in a bag, a wallet or really what they would want to have made with the rubber, I’ve come up with some different designs. And I’m always having new ideas pop into my head. I do my best to keep the fabric I use one of a kind with the basic structure remaining the same. It’s taken me a while and a lot of patience to get the things I make to match the vision I had on the inside. I feel good about making products from something in which nothing is harmed. I believe in the Amazon Rainforest. I love what I do. I play in my creation station. I get to make beautiful, functional sustainably harvested Rainforest Rubber products.

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Rainforest Rubber Wallet


Rainforest Rubber Journal


Rainforest Rubber Laptop Bag


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