J Newell,
Glass Artist

Boro glass jewerly, marbles, incense holders, sculpture, worry stones.

Website http://www.ashesrisingart.com
Instagram @@ashesrisingart

J is a local Portland based artist who specializes in handmade Borosilicate Glass. They are part of a small private Glass Studio called Oracle Glass. Their biggest inspirations for their craft comes from pop culture, video games, cartoons and everyday objects around them. They love to make a wide variety of pieces and are excited to push the boundaries of what can be made big or small. No limits except for the imagination.

Artist Images

Boro Glass Incense Holder


Boro Glass Marbles




Glass Worry Stones


Boro Glass Keychains


Sculpture Themed Boro Glass Pendants


Artist Video

There is no video yet for this profile.