Jason Jones,

I am a Stone Sculptor, Engraver, Monument Maker and Art Conservator


I’m a stone and terra cotta sculptor working in Portland, Oregon. My studio puts out a large variety of work for clients all around the US and occasionally Europe. My commissions in the last few years have been primarily memorial portraits and monuments. This work is a fulfillment of a life long dream and is the culmination of many years of study both in drawing and sculpting here in the US and in Europe. I initially do my work in terra cotta to explore ideas then the completed work is fired in a kiln and finally copied in to stone. I find sculpting very rewarding and am sustained in my long labors by the knowledge that my work will last for centuries. I also do restoration and conservation of art in the Portland Metro area and for clients around the US. I am self taught at this trade and developed my skill slowly over many years of working with materials of many different types. I derive a great deal of satisfaction out of helping people recover broken and damaged family heirlooms. My conservation studies inform the design and materials I use in my work ensuring that each of my pieces will stand the test of time. I am beginning to compile a list of portraits of noteworthy individuals and want to record in terra cotta and marble the individuals that make a difference in our society. I endeavor to meet with these individuals personally and have them sit for a portrait. Some day I hope to complete a portrait bust of a US President. I am a member in good standing of the Portrait Society of America, the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, and the American Institute of Conservation. I intend to build a classical atelier here in Portland that would become a destination for bright and promising artistic minds to come and begin their careers. I expect this goal will take a lifetime to fulfill but it will be a worthy achievement in the end. Thank you very much for your time. Jason Jones

Artist Images

Diana, Goddess of the Moon


Oregon Trooper Memorial


Roman Senator


Memorial Millstone