Jane Solomon,
Jewelry Artist

Re-purposed and handcrafted Metalwork Jewelry


I am happiest when creating - lost in the process, sometimes with a strong idea of my intended design, other times allowing the flow to take it's own course with often more pleasing results! My current love and passion is with metalwork.... hammering, stamping, etching, I just can’t get enough! I use re-purposed, discarded items whenever possible in my work, from plumbing and electrical parts to discarded items such as leather belts, woods and other items. In purchasing one of my pieces, not only are you purchasing a unique, one of a kind art piece, you are also playing your part in the goal of re-purposing and recycling materials, so we can all do our small part :)

Artist Images

Silver metal clay pendant with Sunstones & sapphires


Fold formed copper cuff


Love Quote Leather Cuff, re-purposed leather belt


Etched Copper Serenity Prayer, re-purposed leather belt


Collection of work


Girl with balloons, etched brass earrings


Artist Video

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