Jah Park,
Glass Artist

Glass jewelry and art pieces

Website http://www.glassstudiojah.com
Instagram @glass_studio_jah

I run my own studio alone now in

Portland, Oregon

As designer and maker who has been working with glass for 23 years.

I have been drawn to the unique beauty of glass, which led me to engage in installation work and glass sculpting. Glass is most malleable and free when it is molten, allowing artists to shape it as desired. And when it cools down, it sparkles brilliantly and retains its transparent nature, showcasing its form .

I am delighted to discover the same thing when I started making glass jewelry , where I can have it with me all day long. That's why I call these things "wearable glass art."

Artist Images

Glass pendant - ice bottle


glass ring -Ice siries


glass ring -memory of ocean


glass pendant


glass earring


glass ring -AngAng


Artist Video

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