Isabel Sophia Villarreal,

My name is Isabel Villarreal and I am an undergraduate at Portland State

Instagram @soulle.palette

During an average day, all I see is color. The red of lipstick, blues and purples, orange and browns, magenta. I see them in me and in all of us. We are every color. My art is about defying a space with the movements and emotions I want to convey. When we hold hands, laugh, sit in silence, or give comfort: We express every color. We feel and breathe the essence of it. My paintings are about applying the beauties of the world into an environment on a canvas that could break away from its confinement without hesitation. My paintings are about escape, emotionally and through the mind.

Artist Images

Bath, England


Home of the Nymphs


Monochrome "Flowers"


Celestial Encounter


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