Isabel Sophia Villarreal,

I am a Black queer artist, poet, and activist in Portland, Oregon.

Instagram @ivxbxlv

My art is about creating celestial pieces involving Black women in space. My aim is to show divine energy in the means for representation and visibility as well as promoting self love. To appreciate the beauty of Blackness and promote Black liberation in hopes people can see themselves in my work. To know you are heavenly and worthy. Growing up, I struggled to find paintings and other art I felt were relatable to my experiences. I decided to create them on my own. I have been painting my whole life, but it’s only now that I find my voice. My poetry mimics my paintings; expressing empowerment and liberation for the Black community while exploring identity and healing in the process. My poetry book is called Brown Clay, a self published collection of my work in the last 6 years. I truly hope my work resonates with you and may you feel as liberated as I do when I paint them.

Artist Images

Blue Is the Newborn Star


The Night Between Stars


Bath, England


Space Girl


Black Cosmos


Afro in the Astral


Artist Video

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