Irma Rivera,
Mixed Media Artist

Watercolor painting and mix media art

During my childhood and adolescence, I enjoyed colors very much in whatever form it was presented to me. Between games with my friends and learning at school, I gradually began to use any color range along with the talents that I brought with me, I really enjoyed drawing and coloring with colored pencils.

Over the years I continued learning and practicing art but it was not until the beginning of 2020 that I began to work with it professionally.

Experimenting with watercolor, colored pencils, and flowers or dried nature, I found a mix media technique which I immediately identified with. I enjoy using this technique to create everything from miniature artwork to large sizes.

My work explores female empowerment along with spiritual growth. My creative process comes from my connection with myself, enjoying what surrounds me in the here and now, observing nature and the people around me.

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