ilse coffman,
Mixed Media Artist

Ink and Flashe' paint figurative and still life works on heavy French paper

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Ilse Coffman | MIXED MEDIA

I am a mixed-media artist, educator, former children’s art studio owner and designer.

My paintings, collages and drawings reflect a sense of holding on—to home and to children who have grown, to the quietness of change, both celebrating and adjusting to aging, contemplating and exploring what that means.

My art depicts the familiar in a fresh and distilled way— home, still life and figures in repose. Fruit that represents the womb, tables laden with food waiting for family to return.

The primitive, paper works are made using ink on a wet surface, resulting in fractured batik-like lines. Matte-finish paint enhance the flatness of the simple shapes.

The daughter of artist parents, I grew up in Northern California in the 60's and 70's, immersed in the arts—pottery, textiles and furniture design. This upbringing, along with many years working with children and playing with every medium you can imagine, informed my esthetic,  naive with a feminine / mother driven narrative.

My current / personal art practice came to me later in life but, has been a lifetime in the making.

I live in Portland, Oregon, surrounded by family and two curious yellow labs.

Thanks for being curious.

Artist Images

Sitting In Her Thinking Chair


The Blue Room


Holding Pattern


The Choice Was Hers




Booth Shot from Art in the Pearl 23'


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