Holly Oliva Johannessen,

Canvas prints from cell phone pics


We have loved photography for as long as we can remember. Both of us started with 35mm film cameras. Now, we shoot with our iPhones and iPads.. EVERYWHERE we go. We actually met on Instagram. #truestory

We love the editing process and the different looks a photo can take on after just a few minutes playing in the digital darkroom. This led us eventually to wondering what our snapshots would look like printed out, and the possibility of selling them. Printing services we looked into were either super expensive or kept a significant amount of the profit for pieces that were sold. So... We bought a wide format printer and began printing, matting, framing, and stretching our own work on canvas.

We have decided to offer our services to other mobile phone photographers that want a more reasonably priced alternative to the big print shops and chain stores for the printing YOUR pictures. We are also mobile and will soon be involved in local markets and festivals around Portland offering on the spot editing and printing of YOUR cell phone pics.

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