Helvi Smith,

I use reclaimed latex paint ( house paint) and acrylic paint in my art


Practically all the paint I use is leftover house paint from garage sales, thrift stores and my local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store store. I grew up going to garage sales and thrift stores and second-hand is second nature to me.

I use many different tools when I am painting. I use antique wood graining tools, bamboo skewers, pencil erasers, ketchup and mustard squirt bottles, screwdrivers and whatever else is within reach.

I buy ugly painting and repaint them.

I paint intuitively and with abandon.

Because my color choices are generally what someone else did not use up, the fun for me is the challenge of putting colors, shapes and textures together in a pleasing way.

Artist Images

There she goes


The Long and Winding Road


She Knows


Blue Sushi


MacArthur's Park


Falling Rocks


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