Heather R Daniel,

Graphic designer, artist, and photographer in PDX

Website https://www.carbonfootprintdesi…
Instagram @carbon.footprints

The circle of life imitating art and art imitating life... Timeless and fleeting, messy and graceful, colorful and monochromatic, bold and subtle - my paintings, illustrations, photographs, and graphic designs exist to capture that balance. I use traditional mediums such as paint, canvas, and pencils, partnered with more modern digital programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco. I am inspired by the beauty found all around us in nature, urban areas, and humanity. 

My art focuses on creating enjoyment, emotions, and reminders that we can choose what atmosphere we surround ourselves with and share with others. With my art I strive to create an atmosphere of love, light, energy, and color - that is the carbon footprint I choose to leave behind.

Artist Images



"Residual Strength - Beauty & Grace"


"Koi & Lillies" Repurposed Snowboard


"Stream of Consciousness"


"Majestic Legacy"


"Purple & Gold" Coaster Set


Artist Video

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