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Heather and Bill Alley paint everything. We love art.

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Artist Statement

Keenly open to her creative senses from a young age, 20 + years in the creative zone has allowed Heather Alley to master her unique style of spiritual communication through art.

Though raised in an artistic family, Heather honed her personal artistic style while battling cancer as an adult. Trapped in bodily sickness, with little physical energy, she discovered that the flow of creativity persists. And heals. Art lead her hand to canvas. Source divining, and intense vision work in meditation and dream study gave her images to transmit. The message: We are finite beings in this form, and yet we persist in energy, color, and spirit far beyond this life. This moment in time, matters, and in the same breath we are more. We are an animated force, connected, designed, forwarded by a divine, creative energy.

Her pieces and subjects conjure a sense of freedom, and reverberate with divine feminine energy. Commanding our attention, they draw us in to a world of mystic exploration beyond the bodies and lives we live in in this moment. Vibrant depths of color and delicate lines interplay to produce a multi-dimensional experience: paintings you don’t so much see, as fall into.

As Heather shares of her process, she is the channel and tool for a divine message coming through: “The lines have their own agenda, the painting has its own plan.” The goal is that they resonate with your spirit.

This site is an invitation to experience connection with these pieces and works. It is Heather’s hope that you feel seen, heard and healed here. That these pieces resonate with your own divine energy.

Heather & William Alley are owners and creators of AlleyVision LLC, including the Paint Pour Kit (now available on Amazon).

Artist Images

Traveling Light


Heather & Bill Alley Paint Live 1st Thursdays in the Pearl


The Villa - 36" x 76" oils Heather & Bill Alley 2019


Eastbank mornings 36" x 48" x 2" oils Heather & Bill Alley (HAWA) 2019


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