Habiba Abdul Rahim,

Portrait Art. Minimalism. Grey Women. Vibrant Colors. Set to a 90s playlist

Instagram @habiba_abdulrahim_art

Even in chaos, there is beauty. My hands and brain are not always in sync; try as I might, I cannot draw a straight line. But if I didn’t have the limited use of my hands, my art would not exist. My work is a constant search for the meanings of beauty, love, acceptance, and perfection. Even in the chaos, the many mistakes, the imperfections, and the squiggly lines, everything comes together just as it should be. Each piece is created amid the chaos of homeschooling kids and cooking dinners; between the dance of intention and intuition. I work primarily in black and white, with a preference for pen and ink. I love the beauty of simplicity, but do not limit myself to one medium. I find a certain amount of freedom in that. The one constant in all of my work is the interrupted, squiggly, merging lines. Every piece is an experiment. And with every piece that I complete, I am reminded that not everything is going to be perfect… and that is o.k. I use my ability to create to encourage women (and myself) to feel good about themselves. We are all constant works in progress, masterpieces in our own right, with imperfections that come together to make us perfect.

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