gwyneth manley,
Ceramic artist

Small Batch Ceramics and Chainmaille Jewelry

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I grew up on the central coast of California in an artistic and science driven home environment. My parents encouraged us to learn new things and to explore our world. I was provided with materials, tools and support.

My mother was a fiber artist and a beader, she also had multiple degrees in mathematics and in science. Her home studio was small but every square inch was utilized for her craft. I remember coming home from school as a child and going out to the garage to find my mother at one of her looms. Weaving the fabric that she would later turn into an amazing and colorful garment with plenty of pockets. She taught me how to make jewelry and bought me my first chainmaille kit that we worked on together. When she passed away in 2012 from breast cancer, I started a small business making chanimaille jewelry and selling it to anyone who was interested. The business was not for profit, it was an outlet for grief but it allowed me to continue paying for materials and offered me good homes to send my work off to.

My father is also artistic; he mainly works in wood, but also dabbles in everything else. He is an avid gardener, and is constantly working on projects around the house and yard. He has been fostering my artistic development since childhood. Enthusiastic when I succeed and analytical about any setbacks.

I attended college at the University of Memphis and finished my bachelors degree in General Studio Art at Cal State Fullerton in June of 2018 where I learned to make ceramics and developed my style, as a metal artist. Since college and up until the beginning of the pandemic I grew my business part time while simultaneously working a full time job in the graphics and print industry. 

In the months prior to the start of the pandemic I took a leap and became a full time artist.  I expanded my product lines for both small batch ceramics and chainmaille jewelry, which I continue to sell through locally owned shops, art markets and my website. 

Since the pandemic began I have develop a project called Omni Open Studios, which supports fellow artist by promoting their work through Artist Video collaborations, live online art events and a podcast. In the summer of 2022, I organized an event call Coyote Fest, in which 23 local artists, musicians and food vendors participated. I raised the money to cover overhead expenses for Coyote Fest through grants and crowd sourcing, allowing those who participated to keep 100% of their profits from the event. 

This year I hope to expand my creative practice to include collaborative projects with local organizations that address causes I care about, while continuing to make the art that I love. 

Artist Images

4 in 1 Chainmaille Bracelet


Orbital Chainmaille Earrings with Amethyst


Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet with Crystal


Moon Phase Mobiles


Ceramic Barrel Castus Sculptures


8 oz. Ceramic Mushroom Candle


Artist Video

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