Grace Miller,
Jewelry Artist

Polymer clay earrings

Instagram @@graceandgood

Grace & Good is a unique, woman-owned and operated handmade polymer clay earring business right here in Portland, OR. Polymer Clay earrings and jewelry has begun to saturate the marketplace as more and more artist turn to it as a medium. Grace & Good earrings are set apart from others not just because each style is completely handcrafted through color mixing techniques, tedious clay marbling and/or finishing touches of resin, glitter or paint; but because each earring evokes a sense of belonging and a sense of togetherness. The customer/admirer/inquisitor finds themselves immersed in the Grace & Good community which was created on the basis of spreading positivity through creation and community. So, these earrings are beautiful, sustainably made, and hypoallergenic - yes. But they are also an extension of my heart. As the artist behind G&G, my mission is to positively impact each person who comes into contact with my brand in one way or another. I aim to ensure that each person wearing a pair of my earrings doesn't just feel beautiful because of how the pieces look on them, but that they feel absolutely gorgeous because of the person that they are. Grace & Good earrings reflect what we all need right now in this moment - positivity, healing and self-love.

Artist Images

Polymer Clay Earrings Display


Bright Earrings


Booth Display (indoor)


Dried Flower Earrings


The Elizabeth style earrings


Model in earrings


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