Geneva R Sutter,
Jewelry Artist

Feather Jewelry and Accessories that Make a Bold yet Delicate Statement.

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Bird Crap Featherwear is a jewelry and accessories company that creates BOLD statement pieces utilizing feathers. Owner and Lead Designer Geneva Sutter has been making feather jewelry for many years. Geneva realized the potential of her jewelry and used her design foundation to create Bird Crap Featherwear. What started as a hobby quickly developed into full-time production.

Today, the company provides wholesale and custom orders to a growing customer base. Bird Crap Featherwear can currently be found in retail stores across the USA, Canada, and Taiwan.

Artist Images

Bohemian Feather Earrings


Look for the logo!


Warrior Princess Feather Earrings


Painted Quills Leopard Print


Poppy Fascinator


Warrior Princess Feather Earrings


Artist Video

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