Francesca Berrini,
Mixed Media Artist

I am a collage artist with a wicked sense of humor.


Born in the Arctic tundra in 1922, artist Francesca Berrini was raised by polar bears until the age of seven. Her interest in art began to develop immediately after being captured by an an oil exploration team. Unable to speak or read, she proved adept at creating humorous sculptures out of seal carcasses and beer cans. Since that time, Francesca has been the focus of 50 thousand million bazillion solo exhibitions throughout the world. Her work is included in the permanent collections of practically every major museum in the United States, including The Metropolitan Museum, The Whitney Museum, Museum of Modern Art, The Walker Art Center, The High Museum, The Philadelphia Museum, and many others. Although she has yet to learn to speak any language fluently, she is able to communicate with her dog.

Artist Images

Drinking With the Dinosaurs


Holiday Spirit


Help Me Bill


Meat Party


Rapture at Sea


It Needs Air


Artist Video

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