Florencio Avila,

Acrylic on canvas and mixed media

Website https://www.avilapaintings.com/…
Instagram @Avila_paintings

My love for macabre and dreamscapes has been a driving force in my work and my collections.
 Art has always been my biggest passion in life. 13 years ago, I discovered painting as an alternate means of expression allowing me to express emotions differently and appeal to other senses. After working as a production operator for several years (during which I painted in my spare time), I decided to quite my fulltime job to focus on painting as a career. Although most of my paintings are abstract, I do not have a main style, and mostly just paint what I feel or want to feel.
 Over the years, my work has developed in a conceptual and organic manner. Most my work focuses on a few particular elements that fascinate me: the concept of the universe and nightmares. My art is a reflection of my personality, and emotions. My implementation involves a reinterpretation of the perception of space and color. I enjoy experimenting, and pushing my creative limits to offer original and distinctive pieces.
 The visual elements I use consist of the manipulation through colors, textures, patterns, and movement to create unique and expressive artworks. I love the imagination that art can evoke.
 I invite you to explore my collections, traverse the universe and the nightmares of my mind.
 Allow yourself to be transported by the emotions emanating from my works.

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