Evan N. Serrill,

Inspired by Japanese woodcuts, working on a series of painted carvings.

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I graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts from Portland State University in 2002. I studied a broad range of artistic processes including photography, bronze casting, welding, silversmithing, painting, drawing, printmaking, bookmaking and collage before deciding to focus on encaustic painting for my final portfolio at PSU.
My work, which was mostly abstract at the time, emerged out of a process of carving and filling grooves in plywood surfaces with hot wax. The result of this process was, to me, the perfect combination of sculpture and painting, and was the beginning of my true artistic exploration.
I am presently working on a series of large, painted wood carvings. I became fascinated with Japanese woodcut technique when I was at PSU, but found myself more interested in the wood block used to make the print than the print itself. My current work reflects this trend.

Artist Images

A Perfect Storm


A Family Affair


Piece By Piece


Old Man Blue


A Shady Place in My Heart


Sweet Cream On The House


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