Emily Headen,
Jewelry Artist

Hand made jewelry, most often crafted from silver and gemstones.

Website http://www.fluxweedjewelry.com
Instagram @fluxweedartisanjewelry

Emily is obsessed with metal smithing and stone setting, and runs her small handmade jewelry business, Fluxweed Artisan Jewelry, from  Portland, OR. 

​Emily has a life-long passion for art and making "all the things." You name it, she has probably tried to make it. She studied painting and printmaking at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she fueled her love for working with different materials and experimenting with different mediums. It wasn't until long after art school that Emily discovered her true calling in the form of metal smithing and jewelry making. Emily has studied silversmithing at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, Multnomah Arts Center and has taken specialized workshops in gem setting and metal casting.

Artist Images

Jasper and Brass earrings


Brass and moss agate owl


Lemon quartz on gold chain


Peruvian Opal Rings


Artist Video

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