Elodie Massa ,
Ceramic artist

Petite ceramic inspired by traditional Asian tea ware.

Instagram @@elodiemassa

Wheel throwing porcelain, and obsidian black clay, off the hump, I create tea ware intended for traditional Asian tea ceremony. Finely trimmed feet, delicately hand drawn dotted designs, raised lines and a small rainbow of colored glaze, this body of work is catered for the lovers of petite ceramic work and tea drinkers. 

I strive to create the finest of wheel thrown work, ranging from ¼ to 2 inches tall, our cups are light and small, sometimes even translucent. Teapots usually range from 100ml to 250ml. I created a small collection of “folded” vases, where I explore how mistakes can be turned into art.

Artist Images

Crystal Mint teapot


Porcelain tea cups


Obsidian black teacups


Porcelain Mug


Small lidded Jar


Porcelain teacup


Artist Video

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