Eliza Holt,

Digital illustration and painting (gouache and acrylic)

Website Eliza Illustrated
Instagram @elizaillustrated

Ever since I was a kid with crayons in hand, art has been my constant companion. My creative journey has been an ever-evolving one, encompassing everything from traditional painting and 35mm photography to the modern wonders of digital illustration. Through it all, I've remained true to my inner desire to express myself and inspire others to do the same. 

Drawing inspiration from classic design, I‘m inspired by everything from stained glass windows to vintage propaganda posters and the stories they tell. Merging these timeless influences with my contemporary vision, I strive to create art that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

Artist Images

St. John's Bridge


Cathedral Park


Willamette Valley


Bread for All


Greetings from Portland


Late Stage Capitalism


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