Edgar Mercado,
Fashion Artist

Born & raised in SW Portland and created the sticker in 2012. Five O Tree!

Instagram @mrfiveotree

6 Years ago I wanted a sticker to Represent Portland. Instead of Oregon with the Green Heart sticker and being for all of Oregon. I wanted to be Portland with the Area Code of 503. So to be different, I Created Five O Tree. After a year of ordering small batches of tees and hoodies. I needed to learn how to make tees and be faster. One day my friends ran into a screen printer and he made my first screen. Practiced on one and then later realized to get even faster I need more screens to cut my time of cleaning screens for different colors. Now, I have a ton of screens and been creating everything by hand since Summer of 2013. My learning curve from burning an image to a silkscreen and then the printing production is perfect.

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