Diane Ramic,

Illustrator and graphic designer with a love of birds, scifi, and fantasy.

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I'm Diane Ramic, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Portland who uses a variety of both traditional and digital mediums in my body of work. I try not to limit myself to one type of medium or style, as it’s fun to explore all of the different ways to create art.

 I am deeply inspired by the natural world, both past and present, and draw upon lifeforms that have come and gone to imagine ones that, somewhere in the vast universe, might be out there or might have been. 

My personal work tends to focus on speculative biology, xenobiology, character design, and paleoart. I have also delved into book illustration, game design, and typography.

Artist Images

"He is pleased with this gift of parsley"


"Gazing at the stars"


"Red-Crowned Cranes"


"Regal Copper Dragon"


"Soaring Nyctosaurus"


Small Booth Setup


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