Diana Unterspan,

Fiber artist working in wool and silk. I also make one of a kind millinery.

My “Abstractions” are unique in that I begin the felt making process from scratch. I have a source that provides fleece right off the animal in spring. I clean it, remove the extra lanolin, card it and dye it myself. I use water and needles to create the fabric itself, leaving it fluffy or machine working it till it is very tight fabric quality felt, I then assemble scenes, color fields or associations which have personal meaning to me. Sometimes silk is included and often the final piece is embellished with beads and semiprecious stones. They are encased in shadow boxes because they have dimension and such delicacy that direct mounting might make them far less durable.

Artist Images

pupu lips


Adventures of Augie March




Ruffle Cloche


pink cloche


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