Dennis Zemmer Floyd,

I have a consuming desire to create works of art!

Whether enjoying the sunset at Short Sands beach, or the sunrise on a fishing boat off the North Shore of Oahu, many scenes from our beautiful planet inspire me. However, when I make art I wage a war against the darkness inside me, the negative force ever present that vacillates trying to reach the surface. That's why the weapons I use are bright, intense imagery. For out of the darkness come feelings that tell me I can't do it… I am nothing – don't even try… So in a fury I'm compelled to complete my work of art, each one designed to fight the darkness in all of us. Yet, when I look upon my most recently completed piece, each one the most beautiful thing I've ever made, the darkness is the farthest from me that it can be. And when I'm lost in my world of creating art, I'm breathing in deep one of the most precious gifts that life has to offer, & I am happy… powerful… invincible!

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Frog Ballons


Little Sassy Sunflowers


PDX Sign




The Bagdad


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