David Faris Ezziddine,

I paint surrealistic portraits and scenes focusing on the human figure.

Instagram @dfezziddine_art

I am a painter and image maker. The making of things is something I am compelled to do. In my head, runs a constant stream of images and ideas. Those that keep appearing; those that smolder and steep in my mind are translated into paintings or photo-based works. I start with a plan for each image; however, this plan often changes dramatically while the piece is in progress. I work primarily with acrylics on canvas. My recent paintings are surrealistic portraits of the human figure. For me, they explore ideas of love, death, subjective reality and spiritual transformation. I believe that each character has a tale to tell, but the paintings reveal only a fragment of each story. My goal is to allow any meaning one may find in an image to evolve over time due to the mutability of individual truth and experience.

Artist Images



The Foreteller of Rain


Unnatural Selections: The Old Warrior


Unnatural Selections: The Hunter


Unnatural Selections: The Distinguished Gentleman


Unnatural Selections: The Fortune Teller


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