Daniel Richard Zoller,
Mixed Media Artist

I am a photographer, chef, chocolatier, lamp maker, and general tinkerer.

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I have always had an appreciation for hand made artwork, new and old. The craft and skill that goes behind an item, knowing that someone is going to own a piece you put your heart into.

A philosophy I have always had about art is that it should be affordable to everyone.

I am a Chef by day and a tinkerer by night.
I sell Photography, Vintage Camera Lamps, Chocolates, Magnets, and more.

Artist Images

Hawkeye Camera Floor Lamp


Hawkeye Camera Floor Lamp (side view, off)


Hawkeye Camera Floor Lamp (side view, on)


Techaticup Rest Stop


Wile E's Revenge


Starmite II Camera Lamp


Artist Video

There is no video yet for this profile.