Daniel Muir,

I create strange creatures out of copper wire and other random stuff.

Instagram @twisted_copper

Every day, I strive to make the world in which I live a little more absurd and/or surreal. I live to create things that should not be: whether it is a twisted beast formed from copper wire, an old toy, corrupted and mutated by rusty spikes and extra heads, or a simple photo, digitally warped into something from another dimension. Often, my goal is to simply disturb the sensibilities of others for my own sadistic pleasure, as their discomfort only makes me grow more powerful. So join me, if you dare, in my maddening descent into the realm of infinite impossibilities.

Artist Images

Cthulhu Alpha


Kilstaab the Impaler


Colorful Cyclopses


Mr. Chompers


Normal Barbie


Artist Video

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