Daniel J McClure,

I paint landscapes without perspective and use shadows to define objects.

Website https://www.littlewarsstudio.com

My paintings are abstract but they are not, my paintings are illustrations but they are not, my paintings are orthographic projections of objects on landscapes.  I paint two-dimensional images and use color to describe depth and dimension.  I rarely use foreshortening, as there is never a horizon line.  The settings that I create free me to stretch the boundaries of believability.  I often use extraordinary shapes and/or colors on ordinary objects and let shadows define what the objects are.

I want to tell a story with my work.  So, they are narrative in the first instance.  However, the orthographic perspective allows me to create unique environments that use patterns and colors in unconventional ways. 

My art is a celebration of imagination and story telling inspired by my fascination with fantasy, science fiction and military history.

Artist Images

Finding Deep Water


Knight in the Forest


Pirates of the Caribbian


Fort Hope


Prospector's Dilemma


Green Tide


Artist Video

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