Crystal Van Wyk,
Ceramic artist

Handmade modern ceramics…
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Vitreous Wares is small batch ceramic studio based in Portland, Oregon run by me, Crystal Van Wyk. In 2006 I attained my degree in sculpture at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Vitreous Wares was started in 2011 after working for many different artists and designers here in Portland. All of my work is handmade with either slabs of clay or slip cast from molds that I make. I never use a potter’s wheel. I love working with slabs of clay and once I get a form I’m happy with, I fabricate a plaster mold and produce small runs of 50 or less of that piece. I make each piece one at a time and no two are ever exactly alike. Many of my glazes are specific to my shop and have taken years to develop. Kilns at Vitreous Wares are run with 100% renewable energy and the studio is lead free. Clay is recycled and very little waste is generated. Most pieces represent hours of work and are made of high quality materials.

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