Crae Hasler Elliott,
Mixed Media Artist

Painting and Mixed media.

I am a local Portland artist who enjoys making "something ' out of "nothing".
I work in a range of mediums from recycled cardboard, metal screen, paint, paper, encaustic, metallic pigments and epoxy resin.
My work varies from matte and textural woven pieces, using painted and processed recycled cardboard strips, nailed to both wooden panels and in larger formats, to Japanese tatami mats. In a completely different process, I use layers of tinted epoxy resin on wood panel, building up layers of color washes and metallics resulting in ultra contemporary, high gloss finished pieces.
I have no "pedigree" in regards to education and juried events, but I have sold around 150 pieces locally at small private gallery shows and hosted events.
I love the idea of First Thursday in Portland and the community of art lovers and makers that it brings together every month.

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Stratigraphy SW




Solar Flare






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