Courtney Denney,
Jewelry Artist

Hypo-Allergenic, Unique Handcrafted Glass Seed Beaded Earrings


At Hey Habibi, we specialize in creating exceptional glass seed beaded earrings that are truly one-of-a-kind. Our collection predominantly features statement pieces crafted with hypo-allergenic materials, ensuring comfort and safety for every wearer.

We take great pride in our design process, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources to bring you captivating pieces. With a passion for elements that catch the eye, we incorporate bold lines, angular shapes, and captivating geometry into our modern jewelry creations.

Our brand finds its roots in a rich tapestry of influences, ranging from historical patterns to symbols derived from our heritage. Inspired by the aesthetics of the 1960s-80s and a love for vibrant colors, each piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted to complement your modern style effortlessly.

More than just jewelry, our work represents a deep exploration of personal fascinations. By reconnecting with and celebrating our Syrian, Hungarian, and Sephardic roots, we honor the folk patterns and symbols that our ancestors incorporated into their art. Traditional elements are thoughtfully embedded in our pieces, lending a distinct influence to our design choices.

For us, hand-crafting is not only a skill; it is a love language. Through our creations, we pay tribute to our late Syrian grandparents, who affectionately called us "Habibi" - an Arabic term meaning "my love." Each piece we craft is a heartfelt love letter, showcasing the beauty and craftsmanship that transcends generations.

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