Connie Mansfield,

Handmade bath bombs, shower steams, botanical wax sachets and self care

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Ritualizing daily self care for every body. PDX Fresh Start’s vision is making these small moments accessible to everyone with handmade cheeky and fun products that range from handmade and painted bath bombs, shower steamers, hand blended magnesium salt soaks, pressed botanical wax sachets, and more thoughtful self care creations. 

Be you. Do you. For you.

A swipe of lip balm where you pause, breathe deeply in the scent, and and exhale all that you are holding onto.

A shower filled with fragrant steam to let the warm water wash over you as you remind yourself that you deserve everything you want in life.

A smoothing of silky lotion across your skin as you hug each part of you to thank the body you were given and all that is it capable of.

A step into a bath of dazzling color and foam as your tension melts when you close your eyes to relax and listen to the sound of your heart.

Those moments even the little ones of self care add up throughout our day and help us become the healthiest and best versions of ourselves.

PDX Fresh Start makes it simpler for you to feel good about feeling good.

Artist Images

Sponges infused with olive oil soap


Bubble bath milkshakes


Hand blended magnesium salt soak


Small bath sugar scrubs and whipped soap


Shower steamers


Hand painted bath bombs


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