Colleen K Schlosser,
Jewelry Artist

Sterling silver wire wrapped gemstones…

I mine, cut, and shape gemstones... then make jewelry with my stones and sterling silver wire. I also sew vintage and retro-chic womens clothing, I sew retro style childrens clothing, create knitting supplies, and childrens toys.

Artist Images

Amethyst Cluster Pendant Necklace Wrapped in Sterling Silver


High Quality Chevron Amethyst Deep Purple Free Form Pendant Wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire


Oregon Polka Dot Agate Cabochon Pendant


Pink Banded and Orbicular Agate Necklace with Sparkling Druzy Pocket wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire


Blue Turquoise Cabochon Pendant Necklace Wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire Setting


Faceted Bostwana Agate on sterling plated chain with labradorite, hematite, swarovski, sterling beads with matching earrings


Artist Video

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