Colleen and Suzanne,
Fashion Artist

Clothing with a positive legacy. Organic, hand-dyed, ethically made.

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We are Colleen and Suzanne. We have joined forces to create Mercy Me Designs, a clothing and accessories company that focuses on mindful, micro-manufacturing practices. We are dedicated to making peaceful choices in the work that we create: all of our natural fibers are carefully sourced, and respectfully treated. We hand dye the wool ourselves in small batches. We cut our fabric with care, and we design garments that are meant to be versatile, so that our customer can have more options with one piece. This helps foster an experience of abundance without the need to over-consume. Let us make a garment for you that you will love, and that will love you back.

Artist Images

Organic Cotton/Hemp Pencil Skirt


Organic Merino Wool Cap Sleeve Jersey


Multi-Way Cowl Shawl Scarf Organic Wool: Hand Dyed, Reversible.


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