Christof Maupin,
Glass Artist

Hot glass artist. Salem, OR. Inspired by my art history background.

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I work mainly in hot glass, both lampwork / torchwork glass and kiln formed glass. Most of this ultimately takes the form of jewelry. While my degree in studio art came decades later, my original academic background in art history and archaeology provides endless inspiration for my work. I pull ideas from images as diverse as the earliest glass from the Bronze Age, through the paintings of Mark Rothko. And I draw great satisfaction from being able to translate these sources into light-filled functional jewelry and small-scale sculptural objects that my customers can wear and enjoy.

Artist Images

Handmade Lampwork Studio Glass Bead Necklace in Carrot Red, Sky Blue, Grasshopper Green & Moss Green on Leather Cord with Silver Spacers


Handmade Lampwork / Torchwork Glass Bead Necklace in Red, Pink and Yellow Glass with Gold Plated Spacer Beads and Toggle Closure


Handmade Lampwork Glass Bead Necklace in Red, Green and Blue Glass with Silver Spacers and Toggle Closure


Handmade Lampwork Blue & Topaz Miniature Glass Jug with Green, Red Miniature Flower Sculpture


Handmade Lampwork Glass Bead Necklace in Blue, Purple and Green Enamel and Frit Decoration - 20 inch length


Handmade Lampwork Glass Bead Bracelet Enhanced with Colored Enamels in Blue, Red, Pink and Yellow


Artist Video

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