Christa Nye,

Mixed Media Painting

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Like most every other artist, I could tell you my paintings are inspired by nature. Nature is the ultimate beauty, but I will not bore you with another statement about art and nature. My paintings are abstract using mixed media and collage techniques.

So what makes my paintings special? Well, it’s my personal mark, that comes from the inside of my subconscious. Everything I see around me, my environment, the weather, the people and places, are absorbed and internalized.

How I feel about these things, my thoughts and emotions are merged together with what I see, and become a part of who I am. The past and the present, events, locations, what I have experienced throughout my life, becomes visible and alive when I am painting. Like dreams, the paintings are bits and pieces of images and emotions. When I am painting, I am immersed in the world of my subconscious. I am “in the zone”. Don’t disrupt me. I like it here. I find peace and clarity, and can sort out my thoughts.

The images I create are my way of making my personal mark, like a signature that is uniquely my own. It is up to viewers to respond and find their own way of seeing. If my paintings “speak” to someone, then my work is well done.

Artist Images

Shamans Cave








Vandals Voodoo


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