Chloe Jane Anzaldo,
Mixed Media Artist

Paintings, drawings, mixed media work and other handmade goods.

Instagram @roomsofherown
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Romance, nature, peculiarity, absurdism. These are the abstractions that shape my art, and shape who I am as a person. Including themes of raw and intimate aspects of humanity is very important to reflect in my work. The mediums I work within include acrylic and watercolor, charcoal and graphite drawings, and collaging. I typically try to embrace themes of nature and mortality in my work, and how those two concepts connect. A lot of my designs suggest psychedelic and surrealist inspired concepts. I heavily moralize the poeticism of life, and allow that to primarily influence my craft. I am a local artist interested in the hands-on studio work rather than the marketing aspect. I am currently earning my BFA in Painting at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Artist Images

Lovers Lost at Sea


A Smokers' Conundrum


Untitled Collage


Crying Moon


Garden of Visions




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