Chio Ortiz Chavarria,

My work focuses on color & design through painting and printmaking.

Instagram @quechidochio

My name is Chio Ortiz Chavarria and I am a Brown Neuroqueer artist located in Portland, OR. I have been creating for as long as I can remember as a way to stimulate my mind and express myself. I love mediums that involve an extensive process such as printmaking, watercolor, and acrylic painting. My work focuses on color, design, and tying in themes of identity. My goal as an artist is to create art that connects with Queer Trans BIPoC and that can spread joy and cultural celebration.

Artist Images

Mariposa Pavo Real Rojo


Being an Angel


La Luna y Tortuga


Ojos del Mar


Booth Set-UP


Mariposa Cola de Golondrina


Artist Video

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