Cesar Alexis Gonzalez,
Mixed Media Artist

I make art. Oil, acrylic, collage on canvas

Website https://instagram.com/000thelex…
Instagram @000thelex000

I make art because it's fun it brings me joy.  I started painting in 2014 in federal prison. The artist that got me started painting was Raya clemente. and ever since 2014,  I've been painting. I love it. I love creating and making stuff. It started out as something fun to do, that turned into a passion, that turned into an obsession. and some of my favorite artists are the Renaissance guys all the Old Masters Banksy Mr brainwash nychos. local artists jaymeer, Abner, fresh is cool, scizzo, uter, gats, tk irving, and of course there's a lot of other artists here in town that are doing really good stuff and that I like. Too many to mention here. Bruce Lee said, "honestly express yourself." Another famous artist said, "he or she who thinks they can't, can't, and he or she who thinks they can, can."

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