Cathie Joy Young,

Acrylic figurative, abstract painting on wood panels

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I am a painter living and working in Portland, Oregon. My work is figurative with an abstract sensibility. It is process oriented but not for the sake of process, rather this is how I get to the imagery. I work in acrylic on wood panels and also acrylic and ballpoint pen. By holding true to all the formal aspects of composition and the visual logic within each piece, I eventually realize a story via imagery. These stories don’t feel like they are mine. They are like borrowed memories remembered. For this reason I have never felt like I can take full credit for what I end up with, so I am always very grateful for the loan.
Painting is my one and only favorite mystery.

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Ples za Ivan Generalic


What's Key


Caring for Wingless Bird


Flight Through April


Some Place Soon


Crimson Cabal


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