Cathi Newlin,
Ceramic artist

Sculptural ceramic artist working in earthenware and stoneware.

Instagram @art_cmck

My art seems to be an infinite journey. When I stop and look at the road I've traveled so far, I can see that each of my works is just a breadcrumb I've left behind - not so much so I can find my way back, as to show where I've been.
Currently animals - both real and imagined - are my subject. From quick clay sketches just for the mud pie joy of it, to commentary on the interesting times we live in, they work for me.

Army of Monsters
Recently I was given two artistic challenges that were well outside my wheelhouse. Both challenges helped to move me in a new direction with my art, both in materials and technique, and in aesthetic.
The result is the Army of Monsters - whimsical, apolitical creatures that take me away from the real world.
They're made from earthenware clay, with underglazes and glazes that give them bright, sometimes garish color. Earthenware is a new clay for me - its deep red color gives depth to the surface treatments I use, and the limits of its plasticity add texture and life to each piece.
I sure am having fun...

Artist Images

Monster Ornament


Pu$$y Hat Monster


Blind Faith


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