Carole Murphy,

Mediums are aerated cement, steel, mixed media and recycled paper clay.

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Starting with realistic figurative works, my work took a turn when I moved to the NW and it continues to stretch into the abstract. Many times I am not aware of the totality of the sculpture, nor where I am traveling to, until I arrive.  In allowing it to take me to where it wants me to go, I am able to find a deeper expression.

In deference to the earth,  I work with recycled materials, including recycled paperclay, found objects, discarded metal.  In creating the Sculptures, I approach with a sense of play and wonder and let it take me where it goes.  What emerges sometimes retains that flavor, other times the work runs deeper.  

In some ways the medium is of lesser importance than the form it takes or the arrangement of the pieces.  In working with ‘green’ materials, the variety of objects and substances continues to extend into areas and expressions that I didn’t know possible.  I am gifted to be able to work with so many tools and forms as each one encourages me to move further.  I see art as a means to stretching in as many ways as possible.

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